The Most Ridiculously Comfortable Luxury Office Chairs

When it comes to being comfortable there are a few pieces of furniture that jump to mind, such as your mattress. Most people will spend at least 7-8 hours on their mattress almost every night, so comfort is priority number one. What many people don’t consider as much is the comfort of their office chairs, although they may spend just as much time sitting in the office as they do sleeping at home.

I have two pieces of advice if you fall into that category. First, get outdoors more and get your body moving before you have a stroke. Second, spend some extra money on an office chair that will cradle you like a cloud but still let you stay focused enough to get your work done. Not sure what kind of chair fits that bill? Then you’re in luck, because we’ve done some preliminary work for you below.

Some of these get a little pricey (okay, really pricey) but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for – usually, anyway.

Wegner Swivel Chair – We’ll start here to get you past the sticker shock. The price runs around $10,600, and for that price it had better be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat in. The pictures, however, seem to show just a simple and elegant office chair. I’ll have to take their word on the comfort, since even my extreme office can’t bear the weight of this purchase.

Skape Highback Chair by Vitra – Scaling back the price just a bit we come to the Skape Highback Chair, designed by Antonio Citterio. Around a mere $7,000, the Skape looks infinitely more comfortable than the Wegner above, and is fully adjustable in a variety of ways to customize the fit. Combine your living room recliner and your office chair and this is the result.

Earnes Executive Work Chair – Dropping the price tag another couple thousand dollars to around $5,000, we come to my kind of chair. This Herman Miller design combines classy chrome accents around gorgeous leather that looks super comfortable.

Pininfarina’s Xten – The Xten was designed by Pininfarina, the Italian design company responsible for the look of Ferrari and Maserati models. They spent $1.5 million designing the Xten, and many websites have reported that the chair itself costs that much. Take a breath, however, because while the Xten is considered to be one of the most ergonomic designs ever, the sticker price is much lower at around $2,500.

LimbIC Intelligent Chair – The LimbIC chair is easily the strangest looking – and feeling – chair of the bunch, if not of all chairs. Developed at MIT, the chair “combines the latest from neuroscience with ergonomics”, and is intentionally wobbly. It’s supposed to promote better creativity and health while being comfortable to sit in for hours. The price for this kind of innovation is $8,500.

Herman Miller Aeron – The Aeron is possibly the most famous office chair in the world. It can even be found at the New York Museum of Modern Art, and I don’t mean in the manager’s office – it’s on display permanently. Different versions of the Aeron run between $700 and $1000, making it far more affordable than any others on the list here, and can be ordered from Amazon through the link.

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